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I think that battery "box" was built by the by Mastervolt who did the inverters, chargers and genset. If there was one boat that is actually better than factory, I think it would be this one, and OC Diver's boat

I would have changed a few things on this boat:

The hatch on the cockpit blocks stepping over the open hole. had it been rotated 90 degrees you could at least step over the hole. Also, if you're handing down stuff for the freezer (in the lazzerette) you have to hand it over the standing hatch.

The boat even has a gasoline tank for the tender, accessible from the swim platform.

The gate valves don't work well for me.

The engines are V-drive and that makes access to the shaft seals hard to get to. The engine room is very tight (for me).

The galley lacks an oven and I didn't like the aft position of it. But with everything else on the boat, it fits the boat.

I'm 6' 3" tall and kept knocking my head on stuff. Especially coming down steps.

The hatch to the flybridge needs adjustment or just plain fixing, since it sticks. Also, the dogs are manual, and you have to unlock all the dogs to go up.

The colors are light and airy, and the joinery is well done.

The price is getting down to bargain basement range.

The hull paint was new last year and looked showroom fresh.

I have not been away from the dock on this boat but walked through it a few times.

I think the "directors chairs" seem to put off most people looking at this boat. Compared to built-in settess and other seating, the folding chairs don't really fit.

The guy thought of just about everything.

The mast has a hydraulic cylinder to lay it back so all you have to do is drop the fore-stay and open the valve to stow the mast.

The details they covered on this boat are amazing. The inside of the chromed rub rail (made of a split pipe) is filled with oil to prevent rusting. There is no way to paint it once it was welded to the hull, so they filled it with oil. There is an allen wrench plug in the bottom.

It sounds like it's underpowered with 2 84hp cat NA diesels, but if you run the hull numbers, it has all it needs.

Someone is going to get a bargain ship...

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