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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
Suck out of the bowel.
You did mean "bowl" right?

We're talking an MSD (Marine Sanitary Device) here, not a medical apparatus I hope.........

Welcome aboard Chicago. Most smaller boats have hand pumps, and yes all "black" water goes in the holding tank. "Grey" water, ie sinks and showers goes overboard in most areas. There are also electrically flushing toilets. There is water pressure on a boat, through an electric water pump.

And as Diver said, you use a lot less water to flush than a residential toilet. With two of us for a week a 20 gallon tank is plenty.

The tank is then pumped out at a marina. Often there is a charge. And, if you are full time in Chicago it won't be operational in winter.

You may want to look into portapotties. They have come a long way and are odor free if operated properly. The holding tank disconnects and can then be dumped into an on shore toilet.
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