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Originally Posted by chicagoq View Post
Hi All: I am very new to boating. I dont own any boat and has only been on small pontoon boats and PWC before. So pls forgive me if the questions are too basic.
My goal is to evantually sell my house and live on a boat full time.
1 How does the marine toilet work? Since there's no water pressure.
2 Does the toilet water go into the holding tank 100%? If yes I imagine the tank is going to be full very soon?
3 I live in chicago area, what's the law of discharging waste water on lake michigan?
4 is there any device that can suck in lake water, filter and refill the on board water tank?

Thanks in advance!!
Welcome to the forum!

1. Most work on a pull push system. Suck out of the bowel; push to the holding tank or overboard.
2. They generally use a much smaller amount of water. There is a Y valve that allows you to direct it either all to the holding tank or all overboard. Lots of variables relative to capacity. I figure 1 to 2 gallons per person per day. Most holding tanks range from 20 to 80 gallons.
3. Everything needs to go in the holding tank and be pumped out at a marina. There are more expensive systems that will process for overboard discharge.
4. They are referred to as "water makers". Not Cheap!

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