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Originally Posted by petdoc4u View Post
I have a Lehman sp135. I would like to plumb my Reverso oil drain/fill pump such that I can use it as a pre-start lube pump.
Is this a good idea?
Has anyone done it?
If so could you please explain or diagram the plumbing.
Thank you in advance.
The question I raise is why? If you think your engine needs pre lube which I doubt You can turn it over a little without a start with a kill switch or whatever(but not too much don't want to pour water into engine from exhaust SX). From what I have read about modern oil and its adhesion to parts very few engines would need pre lube if used at even moderate use intervals. Also I doubt that there are many engines in recreational use that die from old age and a lack of pre-lubing even though on a theoretical basis that instant start may be of greater wear potential. But if you really need a winter project go for it.
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