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Wifey B: Same with houses, cars, whatever. I think of "parting is such sweet sorrow." Often times it is, but some times not very sweet. As an owner my biggest fear would be someone going to whine and complain every time they had any problem. That's why we hesitate to sell to friends.

Our home today was a foreclosure and then an investment group so nothing there. Our NC house was a result of divorce so nothing there but anger.

We always traded cars with the dealer except my last Miata in NC. A father bought it for his daughter's 16th birthday as a surprise. We snuck it into his drive way at midnight, put a ribbon around it, and he got her to look out. I went for a ride with her, then cake and ice cream til like 2:30 AM. She and I became friends forever, still email. She still drives it and it still looks like new even though now it's 7 years old. I loved that car but now it's so special to me. Got to get to know this incredible girl but also such great parents.

I owned one special car I knew the previous on. I figured out too he lied to me about selling it to me for what the dealer was offering him on trade and he sold it to me for less. I didn't know anything about car prices, especially a Mercedes, as a 17 year old living on my own. I realized soon it was 90% gift, 10% sale. Found out when I went to insure it. I knew him through him being a customer where I worked. It had been his wife's car. She'd died four years earlier and he couldn't stand to sell it or to drive it. 1979 Mercedes 300 SD. It was the same age I was. I "bought" it in 1997 and drove it till 2001. I must have thanked him twenty bazillion times. I only told him the good, never the bad. He died of a heart attack in 1999. I'll never forget him or his wife, who I only knew through the stories he told me. I think it was his vehicle for opening up about the love of his life who he missed so. I didn't even know they made cars to run on diesel and he had to teach me all about it. It had like 140,000 miles on it when I got it and over 240,000 when I sold it for over 10 times what I paid for it.
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