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Mr. CL. Sounds like a seal. I had had a leaking seal for a couple of years that I finally changed. NOT a big job. Two things I can suggest: 1) Make a piece of angle iron with two drilled holes that you can bolt onto your flange, using two adjacent bolt holes, for removal and tightening that big nut you'll find holding the flange half onto the transmission. 2) Beg, borrow or steal a LARGE socket and breaker bar for removal/replacement (and proper torque) of aforementioned nut.
Partially drain fluid out of the transmission so as not to slop fluid all over your bilges (have lots of diapers handy). Get a tube of RTV silicone, yes, silicone (I don't believe I just said that) for sealing the nut upon re-assembly.
Took me about 2-3 hrs of easy work. Next time it should go a lot faster.
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