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I think it would be okay to work with a broker in this manner. BUT, you have to be honest up front and you have to be tactful. You can't just say..."This is all I need you for" and ask him to stand back for other things in the deal. There are proper procedures involved and there are also ethics involved. You can't be making the phone calls and then expect your broker to step in to do all the specified stuff you want to do. I am not sure if I am making myself clear. One of the best angles/tact you could take in this price range is to tell him exactly what you are saying here. Less than $50k is not a big commission for the broker. But tell him you are just testing the waters and that there might be another purchase down the road...if in fact, that is the truth. What I am trying to say is establish a relationship where he may be able to profit down the line by helping you now. Again, I am not saying you lie to him. I am saying be honest. One of the best things for a buyer's broker is the relationship....just like anything else in sales. If you think you might be getting something bigger after this, let him know and don't cut him out when the time comes.
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