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Corrosion on Negative Battery Post

Stopped by boat over the weekend to take care of a few maintenance items. On the list was checking water levels in batteries (2 house, 1 starting) took off the lids and the house batteries were a little low, but not much. Opened up the starting battery box and was surprised to see significant corrosion on the negative terminal. I had last checked them maybe 6 mos. ago and I don't remember seeing any significant corrosion then. I didn't have time to investigate further and admit to being slightly 12 volt electrically challenged, but am trying to do a little research on why this has changed.
I will say that this particular battery is around 10 years old and probably on borrowed time.
So, a couple questions. Would the age contribute to this? Since it is the negative post only (positive looks fine) mean anything? There are 4 cables landing on this post (1 to each engine, one to battery switch, not sure where 4th one goes) contribute? It has bugged me that there are 4 cables landing here, but as far as I can tell has never been an issue. Should I change this to one cable running to a bus bar type set up?

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