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Originally Posted by Hawgwash View Post
Yes, I said proper paper charts, I stick with that comment and I can pick word nits too. Surely you've seen what can pass for "some form of back up charts?"

I guess I'm too old to just give up on the CHS and NOAA paper stuff.

And I'm not interested in turning this into a yes it is, no it isn't a chart/trawler/pigmy debate.
I think it's fair to just say we disagree on the subject that's been debated a million times and that is paper. I've seen what can pass as some form of charts, I've seen people who buy a boat and never update the electronic charts, thinking of them as permanent, and I've also seen some people operating sadly from paper charts they used on their trip 12 years earlier and finding out the shoal they ended up on had formed during that time. Of course these same people don't access any of the other available information such as or waterway guide or active captain.

One thing that is not new with technology or specific to charts is the need to maintain current up to date information. Another thing is the knowledge and experience to use the information you have, in whatever form you have it.

Now a paper question for you. In what form do you have paper? Full size, 36" unbound? Bound? Reduced to pamphlet or notebook size? 2/3?

Personally, don't like the 8 1/2 x 11 booklet charts although I'd see them as excellent backup and emergency use. However, I do find printing them at 2/3 size, the charts lose nothing from full size and are easier to use, especially when laying many out at one time. However, it obviously requires adjusting to a different scale.
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