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Originally Posted by Wxx3 View Post
Have also discovered that at least on computer, some features disappear at certain zoom levels.
They have to....... if you zoomed out and every buoy, marker and hazard staid on there you'd end up looking at something resembling a three year old's finger painting project.

This leads to the interesting realization that SOMEONE decides what disappears when. This is where errors can come in.

Short Captain Oscar fireside story:

Here I was heading South, a good number of miles off the coast of Georgia/Florida, well out of sight of land. Soooo, the chart plotter was on a 100+ mile scale to give me the "big picture"...... Nothing to hit within miles, right?

Fortunately, like a good little mariner I have a large scale paper chart out, and lo and behold it DID show something out there, to wit, a rather sizable tower, something to do with sneaky submarines I was told later

Sooo, back to the chart plotter. It was not on there, in fact I had to zoom to the 4 mile scale !!! to get it to show up, smack dab on my course line...

The "someone" who decided that this was OK was obviously not aware that no one has their plotter on the 4 mile scale in the middle of the ocean....
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