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Originally Posted by Wxx3 View Post
Have also discovered that at least on computer, some features disappear at certain zoom levels.
Yup...zoom in!

Our paper charts in the Douglas Channel area are notoriously incorrect for the intertidal zones near creek and river estuaries...lots of sediment has been deposited since the charts were made.

Also had a bad experience while sea kayaking the Hecate Strait side of Porcher Island. We saw a squall coming in fast but knew we had time to reach a beach out of sight around a headland. The paper chart showed the beach as a gradual slope with cobbles, but turned out to be fairly steep with dumping surf and rocks the size of Fiats.

There is a ton of information written on the waters surface about what is below...waves change shape because there is more drag to the trough as it passes over shallower water, or currents can speed up or change direction which also changes the shape of the waves.

One eye on the chart(s), one eye on the water, one eye on the depth sounder, and one eye on the radar
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