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Originally Posted by Alaskan Sea-Duction View Post

Once your filter starts to get plugged, the gage will start moving to red. Time to change the filter and reset the gage. One thing I am curious about is when I am running 80% (2200 rpms) will that affect the gages....we will see.
You will see an increase in vacuum as the engine spools up, the gauge will hold on the highest reading taken. The reset button on the top will return it to zero.

With the recent changes in diesel fuel chemistry, it is a good idea to change fuel filters even more frequently, as the "new" fuel is better able to carry water through the filters and into your injection system, so basing your filter changes on restriction is not such a good idea anymore.
I have added filters to my boats system (now 3 inline), and am now changing them every 100 hrs, regardless of the vacuum reading.
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