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Hi stubones99, I see you're from Merritt Island. There's a big soft place in my heart for that little spit of land. Was living there when in college and my dad still does after 30 years, right across from Patrick AFB.

I agree with your comments about needed dependability of one's engine, and personally my ideal "tractor" engine would not be a Deutz but instead I would go back to my old DD6-71N.

I am concerned about the reliability of the electronics of my new engine considering that I will be sailing in remote locations. Will rig a backup sail plan to push me along at one or two knots when needed.

I have to admit though that the fuel consumption on these new engines is amazing compared to the old iron. 22 hp/g-hr versus about 16 on the Gray Marine. Since I'll soon be pushing 60 tons through the water, that savings will surely add up.
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