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The manufacturers go through wood species like women go through hair styles. In the 50's it was mahogany. Everything was mahogany. In the 70's it was teak. The word teak was most often used w a bit of reverence and repeated in conversation as often as possible. Fales was marketing a rip off Willard and it was the early 70's when teak was the rage. If Fales used mahogany they would be advertising their boat was a cheap rip off and I can't imagine them doing that. I think it's teak.

Your lumberyard idea is a good one but there are lumberyards and there are lumberyards. Most now days just sell chip board and hemlock studs. They may even say teak what? A furniture place may work. But if Trader sans a bit on the wood he'll notice the oiliness almost right away. Sand a little more Trader and feel the duff. If the duff is like mahogany it isn't teak.

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