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Originally Posted by Xsbank View Post
As the Three Stooges once said: "step-by-step, inch-by-inch..."
There is nothing truer.

The goal at purchase was a decadent life on the hook. There was (and still is) a list. Some were modified, but mostly I'm right on track.

You see, early on and even until relatively recently I wanted a watermaker. Then I found out the filters (membranes) have a shelf life of two years, even in their fancy mylar sealed bags. That kinda blew that plan out of the water.

So I moved on. A couple weeks ago new eye-bolts went in around the pilothouse (and cockpit) overhang. Forward, I'll be able to put a canvas sunshade/rain collector just like that spiffy boat that was in the Keys for so long. Mine won't be as pretty as the blue one they had.

I saw that years ago and it planted a seed. What a great thing for the couple. They could have their hatches opened and I'm sure it kept the boat cooler much like the boom tents sailboats utilize.

Swiped their idea for certain. My canvas has a plastic thru-hull with the barb on the bottom and is placed pretty close to where the water tank fill is located. A hose to the fill and voila: instant water.

I still would LIKE a half opening tuna door (half the height of the transom) for boarding. In a few years climbing over the transom won't be a safe option however for now I'm "set" ... yes, I do understand a step would serve a similar purpose. If I find one someplace that will work I'll go that direction. It would be far less costly for certain.

And a step would be Good Enough.

After the engine passes her test period next on the agenda is an autopilot. Seaweed does not track. Period. You can have the wheel at the same place and she'll turn 180 degrees with no wind nor visible current. And yes, that's happened to me in the brief time it took to go to the galley and pour myself a cup of tea.

So I've got my eyes opened learning a bit about autopilots. The new ones are far too Star Trek for my needs and budget. I'd like one that will steer a compass course -- no waypoints are necessary. Our boat (the 40'er) tracked and I thought erroneously that a decent captain can steer a straight course.

Not on Seaweed. That simply does not happen.

When I was a kidlet and Daddy came up to the fly bridge he looked aft first. He did not want to see a wobbly track because that meant I was wasting fuel.

Such is life. It's wonderful on the water, isn't it?

P.S. Congratulations to Skinny Dippin' -- a shiny boat does look spiffy. About that "and a partridge in a pear tree" you mentioned. Is that Christmas dinner?
Janice aboard Seaweed, living the good life afloat...
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