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RE: Proper stowage of dingy outboard?

Marin wrote:

What size is your outboard? We have a very simple rotating mount on the back of our Livingston that allows us to rotate the outboard into a vertical position when the dingy is hauled up into it's stored position. The mount is made in Canada by Adventure Marine. It is limited to ouboards of 9.9 hp (ours is a 4hp 4-stroke). And it is totally manual. You have to bend down or kneel down and rotate the motor by hand. But it has worked great for us for the eleven years we've had it.
thank you very much everyone for the replies.

i wasnt aware of the USCG requirement and have seen many many boats in the Long Beach areas who carry their dingies on the swimstep, without having the name and port painted on the bottom of the dingy.

my o/b is a small 4hp so i think the best system i have seen so far is this one Marin has recommended. The dingy and the o/b together cant be much over 100lbs so i doubt that there is much of potential for danger.

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