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Proper stowage of dingy outboard?

Egregious wrote:This is precisely the problem I have with going any distance with the dinghy covering the transom.* I read that regulation to mean that the vessel name and hailing port must be affixed to the hull, and not to the bottom of the dinghy.
Not to worry.* The majority of powerboats up here carry their dingies on the transom and all the ones that are documented (like ours) have the name and hailing port on the bottom of the dinghy.* Same with most of the ones that aren't documented.* The USCG sees all this on a daily basis and has for decades.* We've been boarded twice--- the patrol boat got our name off the bottom of the dinghy for the radio hail.* It's legal.* If it's not legal then somebody needs to tell Coast Guard Puget Sound.

We also have the name and hailing port on the transom but it's obviously blocked by the stowed dinghy.


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