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Proper stowage of dingy outboard?

Woodsong wrote:I assume you are using that motor mount with weaver snap davits? Are you just manually lifting up your dinghy and motor or using a pulley off the boom?
We have a 9' reinforced-side Livingston (you have to have the reinforced sides if you're going to carry it on its side) with a 4hp, 4-cycle Yamaha.* We used to just manhandle the dinghy up into the stow position using a short line clipped to a U-bracked on the outboard gunwale of the Livingston.* We did this for some eight years until the light went on.

I realized if I replaced the boom fall--- which was long enough to launch the sailing dinghy on the aft cabin top but no longer--- with a 120' boom fall, we could use the fall and its multiple-sheave blocks to deploy and retrieve the Livingston without having to move the boom at all.* So what had been a two-person strain job is now a very easy one person job.

We would not use Weaver Davits to support a dinghy any heavier than ours.* Our boom fall system does the same thing as a Seawise Davit less the automatic motor pivoting feature.* But the typical teak-grid swimstep with four mounting brackets is probably not strong enough to support much more weight safely, particularly on an older boat like ours.* A heavily built fiberglass extension-type swimstep is probably a different story.

But this is why, when the day comes that we need a more buoyant, faster dinghy like Carey's Bullfrog, we will tow it and leave the Livingston at home.

And I agree with previous comments that carrying a dinghy on the swimstep in the open ocean is a potentially very dangerous thing to do.


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