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RE: Proper stowage of dingy outboard?

Sailor of Fortune wrote:

It seems to me to be a very dangerous way to transport a skiff/dinghy. It amybe alright in inland an sheltered waterways but I wouldn't want to be on the coast with that contraption on my stern.
I would also think it is a violation for a U.S. documented vessel- obstructing hailing port and vessel name.
Per the USCG Documentation Center, "The name and hailing port of a recreational vessel must be marked together on some clearly visible exterior part of the hull. The vessel name of a commercial vessel must also be marked on the port and starboard bow and the vessel name and the hailing port must also be marked on the stern."

So, for recreational boats, the vessel name and hailing port aren't required to be on the stern, but merely on some clearly visible exterior part of the hull.

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