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1982 Californian 34 LRC Fuel tanks: HOW BIG?? Trip report; up the Mississippi

I have a question.* I am planing a trip up the Upper Mississippi leaving (finally) this weekend from Kentucky Lake to mile 485 UMR in Iowa.** After 3 months of delays due to floods, its time to make a break for it.

I need to know my cruising range as I have to make roughly 250 miles with no fuel available, 125 of that against a current of somewhere between 6 and 9 depending on who you believe.** The boat is new to me,* I see in the boat brochure posted by Flyright that it supposedly has 2 - 125 gal. tanks.* That doesn't seem like too much of a safety cushion considering the current.* I drove down to the boat a couple weeks ago to make preparations for the trip.* One of my preparations was to measure the tanks.* They look to be original by the way they are mounted.* They measure 24 wide x 78 long x 22 deep.* Subtracting a half inch from all the dims for plate thickness, I come up with about 170 gals each.* even allowing for fuel pickups off the bottom a bit, seems way to much to square with the brochure specs.

Anybody with a similar boat know your*tank size?* or if there may have been an optional larger tank?

I plan to bring a 55 gal plastic barrel of fuel in the cockpit to supplement the main tanks.* just in case.* I think I'm OK, but running out of fuel on the Miss would be an UGLY proposition.

Any opinions?***** Incidently, the boat has twin 200hp Perkins.* The PO says it will make 1 mpg at 17, 2 mpg at 10.* Most places I read seem to indicate that is conservative to accurate.* I will have calculator and GPS and fuel tank stick and use them often.

THANKS,**** Craig

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