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RE: Proper stowage of dingy outboard?

The size and weight of hte dinghy will determine which system is best. The kind Marin uses is for light weight, small dinghies, ones that can easily be hoisted onto and supported by the end of the swimgrid without multipart tackle. Once your combined dingy and outboard weight exceeds what you can hoist in that manner, you will need to move up to the SeaWise system, which has a crank for small dinghies, and an electric pulley for heavier loads. The swimgrid will also need to be reinforced to carry teh extra load.
This method is less than satisfactory for a lot of heavy dingies, as the attachment points on the dinghy will fail, or you will need unsightly reinforcements added to the dinghy to make it work.
Not only the boat name and hailing port must be transferred to the upraised bottom of the dinghy, but also the stern facing white light will need to be raised, so as to be visible to the stern, over the dinghy.
On boats such as a Sea Ray, with no available site for proper davits, the dinghy will need to go on the foredeck, or use one of these methods. For a trawler with a near vertical transom, proper davits are a better solution, and no more expensive than SeaWise.
I recently purchased a heavy dinghy/outboard (750+ lbs) that were on a Seawise on the POs boat. The structural damage to the dinghy was significant, at the stern attachment points.
I have no concerns about the danger from a following sea with davits, but I would have concerns with a flip up system. I have seen several examples of the dinghy catching a wave and the weaver davits or dinghy being damaged. This occurs where the dinghy is too long for the length of the swimgid.
Jack: I agree that this system isn't appropriate for offshore vessels, and I don't recall seeing it in use on any with those pretentions.
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