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Originally Posted by refugio View Post
It just looked like it to me. Maybe it was that all the rails are painted. The look of coamings at the bow and stern. The lack of curvature in the bow. It looked like the steel Defevers to me. Did they ever make this in steel and copy it in fiberglass?
Looking at the pics I think I see what you are seeing.
Sharp lines. In the pics the bow looks like it has a much narrower entry that it actually does. This is not a narrow boat. Especially the look of the bow in the pics presented. Those upper deck support slanted slab like things that could be replaced w regular stanchions also give the boat a look that it was made of cut out pices of flat steel plate .. or perhaps plywood as I'm quite sure they were. And there are some abrupt and sharp lines in the topsides aft too. But the smooth topsides fwd and obvious flare should have been a dead givaway.

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