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Amazing I'm OK w an overpowered boat and most others are questioning it.
Not my usual for those that don't know me.

If the engines were NA and 480hp I would be singing my usual song. But I really don't know much about tubocharged engines and assuming if they were ran at a 75% load they would wear much faster than a NA engine at 75% load. Also assuming most all people would run this boat at a 25 to 35% load re the 480hp. But if someone were to run this boat overdriven at 14 knots (assuming it could) I'd not be mak'in positive sounds about it. What does Yanmar say about a continous rating on these engines?

But like a turbo Cummins running just a bit into the turbo (40 to 50% load) should be fine. Due to the turbo I consider a big chunck of this power to be sort of artificial. Only useful for short periods of time. Tear into me if I'm wrong because I really don't know. And if these Yanmars are good to go at 80% load continously then I'm on the way over powered bandwagon. But also due to hull design these boats could be usually underpowered.

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