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Originally Posted by Haylands View Post
Oh yes, it won't be easy but I've never been a quitter.... always done all my own mechanical/electrical/plumbing work and even built a couple of houses so I can do it if I fit.....!!!!!
Pete: I have to be discouraging here. If it weren't for your skills I would say you were nuts to begin boating in that manner at your stage. Boats are self contained living spaces that also move and are subject to the sea. Think of a house where you had to provide and maintain all utilities that come to your land house.

Before doing any shopping I strongly suggest trying a captained charter in the islands for a few weeks. It will give you a real taste of what cruising is about even though you will have assistance you can do as much work as the captain thinks you can handle with supervision.

Buying and owning a boat is an expensive and involved process. Try it first before spending a lot of money on a mistake.
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