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No, cardude - There was no thunderstorm; no clouds; just two weather systems colliding. We get some interesting weather down here. And the weather prediction isn't great outside of the metropolitan areas.

The main lesson was the classic "Reef Early" which I ignored. The other big one is "Be Prepared" which I was in most aspects, but I am also now planning a few improvements for better sail control from the pilothouse. I need to be able to dump the sails from the pilothouse. Your furling jib allows that. Do you have a furling main as well?

I am so glad that I recently set up safety lines on deck. Something you don't think about too much until you really need them.

I'm not an overly experienced sailer either. This latest trip really scared the crap out of me, but after reflecting on it I am now more confident of my own skills, and especially the boat's capabilities. She was laid over perhaps 60 degrees and she sprung back up, without taking on water. No damage, just a big mess in the cabins a with few cupboards emptying their contents. And a bit more respect for the wind and the sea.
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