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Originally Posted by GFC View Post
Is there some type if transmitter one could hide on his boat that would continuously broadcast a signal that could be located in the even of a hijack?

I don't recall seeing one but that doesn't mean much.
You could certainly have various type devices. Now, I believe they did have AIS, but it takes 15 seconds to turn it off. The insurer floated two possibilities while attempting to find clues. One was it was turned into a human smuggling boat and the other was it was taken to a chop shop.

The local Maritime authority seemed like their primary concern was to make sure people did not call it piracy, but referred to it as a boat theft, no different than a theft of a luxury auto.

This was built as a personal boat for the owner of the company as Garcia is primarily a builder of sailboats. It was then for sale as he'd decided to build a larger boat for himself.

The wife was terribly traumatized and it is rather remarkable that after holding them for three hours the hijackers released them in lifeboats. The getaway couldn't be fast as it only made 8 knots, but there was considerable time before the owner and his wife floated to shore.
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