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Originally Posted by refugio View Post
Mine is plumbed the same way - a heat exchanger between the engine and the hydronic system allows scavenging engine heat, which also heats domestic hot water. In theory it would also allow me to warm the engine with the furnace, but I never bothered to install an engine-side circulation pump to make that happen.

I guess Kevin and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum. My preference is to have systems that are not dependent on being at the dock or having an engine running. The first thing I did when purchasing Refugio was pitch the generator and electric range, adding a big bank of AGMs and a 3kw inverter - and a propane range. I hate generators and electric galleys.
We are at the opposite end of the spectrum, and that's ok.

Instead of looking at our generator as a thing to dislike, and think up ways to remove, I put in a new Northern Lights unit, and count on it as just another boat system. I could have kept the old westerberke running, heck I've spent a lifetime working on and around industrial generators, but I knew how dependant we would be on the generator so decided to avoid issues through replacement.

Back on the heating topic, I carefully considered hydronic. I'll be honest the breaking point for me was simply the PITA in getting fresh air heat exchangers and the noise. Those two issues got me looking for alternatives.
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