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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
This past summer in AK we had a need to replace a simple electronic part in the Hurricane furnace and naturally did not have it on board. No problem as the hydronic system pumps and HXers kept things warm for 8 to 12 hours per day via the engines.
Mine is plumbed the same way - a heat exchanger between the engine and the hydronic system allows scavenging engine heat, which also heats domestic hot water. In theory it would also allow me to warm the engine with the furnace, but I never bothered to install an engine-side circulation pump to make that happen.

I guess Kevin and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum. My preference is to have systems that are not dependent on being at the dock or having an engine running. The first thing I did when purchasing Refugio was pitch the generator and electric range, adding a big bank of AGMs and a 3kw inverter - and a propane range. I hate generators and electric galleys. The second thing I pitched was the Espar - it was working just fine but getting old and parts were going to be expensive. I sold the Espar at Second Wave (now gone) and got a decent bit of money for it. And I paid $2,374 for the furnace (Boat Show special with sales tax) and paid an installer another $2,371 to install it with 3 zones, water heating, and engine heat exchanger, so I'm into my setup $4,745 (closer to $4,000 with selling the Espar). That was 10 years ago so perhaps prices have gone up a bit. My installer was able to re-use the runs from the ducts for much of the hose (heating the perimeter storage areas is a big plus with hydronic) as well as the fuel pickup, 12VDC supply, and exhaust fitting.

While I have installed several forced air furnaces, I really wanted a professional to do the install on the Hurricane. In a forced air system a leak in the ducting is just a small amount of wasted heat - a leak in a hydronic system is a real problem.

But the OP doesn't want hydronic, so never mind...

Other members have mentioned in the past that they thought I over-analyzed things, and I'm fine with that. But I have to say, a heating system really does deserve careful planning. More important than the manufacturer is getting a system sized correctly for YOUR needs. And only you know whether you're going to need to maintain a 40 temperature difference. Whether you want the head to be warmer than the stateroom at night. Or whether you are can wait an hour before it's warm enough for your spouse to be comfortable.
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