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Originally Posted by mbevins View Post
Another thing to keep in mind is if your in Ontario ( which it sounds like) your boating in fresh water. So unless you plan on heading to the salty part of the world you've got leeway and can use nontinned wire.
Actually I am on the North Atlantic... so Salt is my environment. I do have a fair bit of wiring below decks as well so I would prefer tinned there... so rather than buying both types... figure just one etc...

Originally Posted by Northern Spy View Post
Funny, I was just on Defender comparing prices at my local chandlery. I just bought a 100' roll of tinned 14/3 for $90 cad locally. So the best deals aren't always on line.
Yes - for sure - your absolutely correct! - Once I do up my schematics etc... I will make a trip to several ships supply houses locally as well... Their advantage being obviously consolidation on freight for stock orders etc... I've not made the trip to these folks yet so I am unaware what they stock etc...

Just trying to Narrow down good Canadian sources for reference and supply... Thanks everyone for the replies (and the pointers as well!)
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