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I agree w Tom .. good write-ups.
Re the length of intake and exhaust on a Wabasto ours are at the max. 10' exhaust and from aft to fwd in the boat for hot air. No problem w the long runs at all.
We did have problems w the fuel feed. Tried for years to take it off of the diesel fuel manifold. The yard installed the system pulling fuel off the bottom of the stbd tank. I said no to that thinking water and other contaminants would surley find their way to the heater. So I went from the manifold. The little doser pump couldn't compete on a regular basis w the engine so we had on-going problems at start-up. Now I have a dedicated fuel systen for the Wabasto (including the tank) and burn kerosene. I don't forsee any problems henceforth but only have a few hours on it this way.

Our only other possible problem is that the heater is a bit too small. We have the "Airtop 2000" .. the smallest. It was fine on our 25' Albin but slightly below freezing on the Willard not so.

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