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Add another vote for the Wallas heaters.

My reasons:
  • Ease of install. The Wallas is an integrated unit- the fuel pump is integrated into the heater, so the install is simplified. Run power, the inlet and outlet ducts and fuel to the heater, plug in the remote and you're up and running.
  • 2 inlet and 2 outlets- inlet air is taken from both in the boat and outside, so there is always a slight over-pressurization of the boat at all times. The outlets are set up so zone ducting is easily accomplished without losing air volume.
  • Thermostat system throttles back the fan speed instead of stopping and starting the unit.
  • Support- Bruce and Doug of Scan Marine are top notch with regards to support- they will sell and install a heater for you, or seek you a heater and give you 100% support as a self installer. N o games, no tech support $$$- genuine helpful support.
  • Quiet- the unit is quiet. There is a bit of noise when the fan is at high speed, but overall it's quiet and economical. The exhaust is small when compared to the Webasto and Espar units, and again is silent.

Fuel usage, amp usage, etc is already spoken about, and are more valid reasons the unit is excellent.
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