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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post ... I was able to order using my Canadian AMEX and ship the order to my Canadian address. Have you tried?
Yeah I used to order a lot from but now a lot of product simply states it does not ship to XXXXXX Canada... it can be gotten on usually from 3rd party vendors looking to make a quick buck who list it at 4-10 times the market value...

Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
In all cases when shipping from US, be prepared for additional duty/taxes and Canadian shipper "bonding" fees that could amount to 20+ percent of the order amount ... with the Canadian shipper fees being half of that ... what a scam.
Oh I agree - watch out for UPS especially... FedEx used to be bad too but they have improved thier service and pricing lately it appears. I have good luck with USPS - but wire would be a hassle as it is heavy etc..

Originally Posted by David Rive View Post
I like to deal with They are in Kingston, Ontario. Good prices and excellent service, with fast shipping.
Yes I reviewed thier site - looks promising - and another that I have found as well is - I actually just ordered from them the other day a BlueSea Clamp on meter and an Anchor double crimp ratchet tool. Like Richard mentioned about MarineOutfitters, Binnacle don't list stock status on their site.... After my order I did get an email stating that the Meter was out of stock, delivery was 10 days... and the crimper was in stock. (And on sale!) - so either way not bad so far... In Canada, apparently in Halifax, Nova Scotia,... Nice easily navigable website, and apparently free shippin on most orders over $99...

Originally Posted by Tolly Roger View Post
If you are on the West Coast (or even if you are not) I have had excellent service and product from VERTEX MARINE.

They have a great selection and prices that I could not find anywhere even at wholesale levels.
Thanks for the link - I may look at them - they are a wholesaler themselves but no distributor here locally so they may sell direct etc...

Originally Posted by RT Firefly View Post
I vaguely recall a discussion on TF where tinned wire is not necessary nor required in marine applications. So you may be able to achieve your ends with a Canadian wire supplier and use a US marine supplier solely for the connections if necessary.
You are correct - Tinned is not required but it is nice to have and it is really not that much more (supposedly) - so if I can source it at a reasonable cost - why not use it...

It's really one of those projects where if I am going to do it myself, I am going to make a big production of the effort... a pride thing... Won't improve the resale value of the boat - just in my mind LOL

As for the connectors - that actually is not an issue - tons of suppliers locally or online for those... Brands like Panduit, T&B, or Burndy are all quality and easily procured.

As for my mentioning earlier in my first post... I did some checking for Canadian customers...

Shipping to Canada is easy with Del City. By utilizing our UPS Canada Standard shipping option all charges for your order will be itemized on the payment page during checkout. This includes all freight costs, border crossing fees, duties, and taxes. UPS will not collect any additional fees at time of delivery. By selecting UPS Canada Standard you will also receive a flat rate fee of $14.99 on all order up to $300. Any order exceeding $300 will be charged a flat 5% fee on your order total.
So that looks like it should be pretty simplified - it is sort of the same way B&H Photo ships to Canada - I have dealt with them in the past and it's quite an enjoyable experience for the most part.
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