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Interior teak repair

We went to boat afloat/shows mainly to look at and get ideas as what we liked and did not like which really help in redecorating/modeling as it had to blend/match the original décor feel of the boat.* *The Eagle had too much teak we changed/covered/painted/texture/modernized it. Teak Teak ever where.* Also it was cold dark, shippy and stark. **

No body except you will know how/what the boats originally interior looked like and in a few months neither will you.* So changing the interior may look/seem major but not really. So give some thought about making some changes up dating instead of trying to make it look like it does.

As for the ceiling you might want to texture a lighter color which would brighten the room.* We texture and/or painted the ceiling a light cantaloupe color that went with rose color of the teak, and stained ˝ round molding to cover the seams to match the teak.* The ceiling now accents the teak.* *******

Teak wood takes stain unevenly so it does not matter to much how uneven it looks.* Some of the open areas I filled the seams with teak wood putty, applied a several coats of clear varnish, sand lightly and applied a opaque teak color stain.* The more uneven, streaked the better it look like real teak.* Some areas built selves for books and plants/pictures.

Attract the eye so it sees what you want it to see.* Drawing*the eye*to something*to a*pictures, mirrors, wall coverings, curtains etc so it does not focus on the teak wood behind it.* If it does not work then lightly sand and start over.* The clear vanish prevents the paint/stain from being absorbed into the wood so you can sand lightly and start over.* You might find that after several coats of colored varnish that it looks pretty good.* I use Minwax Pecan as a base and the mix blend other colors to make lighter/darker.* *Some thing to think about.*


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