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Interior teak repair

This could be dangerous, thinking, but if some of your problems are seams opening and the edge of the veneer lifting then carefull use of a hypodermic needle may help to inject glue behind the lifting veneer. I've sort of done this but not with the boat veneer but on some furniture at home. I usually Grind off the sharp point so the stuff goes more or less where I'm looking, not out the side and I only poke myself, not stab.

The iron with a damp towel sounds like a good idea also - sort of like steaming the wood (steam box idea) to soften it and make it pliable so it can be worked and pressed back down.
It's both the heat and the moisture that makes the wood pliable. I've not tried it myself so you may, if you consider this, try it out on something else.

Just as an aside, you might peruse the Wooden Boat forums and see if they offer any help. There are lots of serious woodworkers/boatbuilders there.

You may need to bite the bullet for some of it and be prepared to replace it.* You may not want to cut in a patch but replace a panel.* Even though it will be different it will be much less noticeable than a cut in patch.** Over a few years it will develop a patina more in keeping with the older panelling.* I had to do this on my V berth some years ago

Can you remove some pieces?** It may be easier to take them off and glue/steam/repair when you have them flat and apply weight and clamps.

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