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I think the subtlety of what is being said now is as follows:

No, the mods of this site cannot read the pm's and do not know when they're sent.

Yes, there are add on's that would allow them to do things they don't currently have the ability to do.

There is also an underlying database. Someone with access to it could access pm's that had been sent. The mods of the site don't have that ability or access. The person to ever do that would likely be an IT person with server and database access and doing it to find out why there was an issue with the site.

So, for all practical purposes no one is seeing who PM's who or what they say. However, keep in mind it is all recorded words. Given the right situation and need it is possible to access. The most common example would be if you were considered a terrorist and there was reason to believe you were communicating terrorist ideas by pm.

Personally, I feel free to communicate in any way by PM. However, I would never put information there that I normally protect, such as credit card numbers or other personal information. But then I'd have no reason to do so. Still if I was about to buy something from Hopcar, as an example, I wouldn't send him my credit card information by pm.

At a certain point, there is nothing posted on the internet that is 100% protected and/or private.

Still there is nothing here that should keep any of us from normal pm communication.
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