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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
I have a rather large keel and it dosn't seem to reduce the sailing at all.
Agreed. I watched a smallish (25-30') sailboat at anchor "steaming" back and forth across the anchorage all day. Essentially 180 degree turns at each end. I say steaming because that's what I thought they were doing at first, no sail up but moving at a pretty good clip.

I noticed it had all-nylon rode, not sure if that was a contributing factor. As a sailboat, I assume it had a decent keel, so clearly that didn't help much. There was some minor tidal current and very light breezes at the time. It looked like a pretty light boat. I suspect that contributes.

Mine will yaw at anchor, or on a mooring, in the right conditions. Especially strong currents. Sometimes adjusting the rode or rudder will help, although I haven't gone as far as bringing a line back to a mid cleat.
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