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Depends on the job.....and the mechanic.

Outside mechs often charge for travel $450 for a half day job isn't great but not out of sight when many diesel shops and marinas are charging $125 or better an hour.

Also, some guys know an engine and boat well enough to know the tricks.

On my sport fish, the port water pump was nearly impossible to work on. Getting to the lower hose was insane if I wanted to remove the pump and do the impeller on a bench.

After a time or two...I learned to just remove the water feed pipe that ran along that side of the engine at the rear of the engine. That was a minute job and so was the upper hose. Now all I had to do was push the pump forward and now the lower hose clamp was accessible. Turned a long painful process into a few minute job.

So hard to call what's fair or not when it is boat work.

After 3 long years rebuilding my trawler, last weekend I was helping my son replace his master shower. I marveled at how easy it was to do the work in a large, well lit space where everything was accessible, went together with common tools, and was often at locations that didn't involve the cramping of muscles.

Comparing the two jobs...if I was billing an hourly rate, sure as anything the boat rate would be 2 to 3 times higher.
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