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Close to 150 happy N47/52 owners have asked the same question during the past 15 years. Their choice is obvious. I am speaking of seasoned boaters who cruise the world and are looking for safety and reliability. Plus the backup from Nordhavn is unmatched even on older vessels.

The above statements come from a happy DeFever owner who is not planning on cruising the world. The aft cabin, very large master arrangement on a DF is divine. But for serious long distance continuous night travels the noise from the props and shafts on an aft cabin design are very noticeable.

We are mainly focused on coastal (the Americas but not trans Atlantic or trans Pacific) cruising for which an N47 will do just fine too, but at a price premium over a DF. Also to be remembered, an N47 is slow which can be irksome to some including many current and past N 47 owners I know well.

Selenes require careful shopping as so many models and configurations are out there that the company abandoned due to lack of buyer's interest. You could move to a Selene 57 for the price range you are considering. Systems designs and accesibility on the Selenes is not up to par with a Nordhavn or DeFever

I am not a KK 48 person solely due to the silly ER access. Climbing a ladder to do hourly checks in a rolling sea with a hatch propped up is not what these old bones or my nimble wife enjoy. And forward masters are not my thing in any conditions. Been there done that.

The resale on a well tended N47/52 is the best in the business for that size range simply because the seasoned world traveling boaters know value and safety. The 47 with a fly bridge would be nice for the warmer climes and surprisingly useful in the PNW also.

There are several N52s on the market, if it were me that is where I would go with not too much of a budget stretch for you. We came close to ordering a new build N52. Contact James Hamilton, he is one well worth corresponding with on this great question you have raised.
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