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About 8 years ago I was coming in to Grand Isle, LA from day trip for tuna and wahoo and happen to cut a corner of the security zone on the LOOP (Louisiana offshore oil port....only US port for offloading the big boy tankers and a significant percentage of US imports) at dusk. I was running about 40 kn in my 29ft SeaVee with 4 young boys aboard when one of them points out a large boat running us down from the port stern quarter. This 'boat' was about 110 ft and had a gunner on the foredeck manning a .50 cal mounted BMG. I cut the throttles and turned up the vhf in time to hear the warning that I was in a security zone....rhut rho Relroy! They were pleasant about it and escorted us a couple of miles East to clear the prohibited area. This was very entertaining to my son and his friends and they still give me crap about it now and then. The silhouette of that deck gun and the fact that that vessel was capable of that speed was impressive.
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