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The best combination seems when the boat uses hyd for many purposes.

The main gets a hyd pump large enough to run a hyd cruise generator 4 -6KW (or two) is not a big drain.

The noisemaker is operated during docking with its high RPM running to provide power to the bow or stern thrusters.

Otherwise it too feeds the same hyd power pack as the main would for AC juice.

This gives the flexibility to use either a hyd motor on the shaft , or to power a wing prop with a hyd motor.

The wing prop needs to be for pushing , not for slimness while under sail, so the HYDE is the only feathering units built for this service.

Hyd has a bit more involved when installing , but when overloaded it has no white smoke to escape.

And when desired the bow thruster can be used for more than seconds.

Would be an expensive retrofit for a voyager.
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