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There are tools that can measure the thickness of steel so you can "see" if the plate is rusting or has rusted and thinned over time. The key, which has already mentioned, is the prep, paint and insulation work done on the interior of the hull. If that is done right there should not be any problems with rust.

Since the price of the boat is so low, it might be worth the cost, to tear out some of the cabinets to see the hull condition. There are long flexible cameras that would allow one to see into tight and dark spaces. The hull plating can be surveyed to check for thickness. Sounds like the boat might be a good buy.

Steel boats have to worry about rust.

Buyers of fiberglass boats have to worry about water soaking the fiberglass, delamination, wet cores, leaks around fittings and blistering. Structural issues could be an issue depending on how the boat was used.

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