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Hi Alan,

I am to the South of you in Puget Sound and am looking at potential pilothouse designs in the 40' range as well. My budget doesn't allow me to look at Nordhavens, but there are a lot of very nice (imo) boats in our region if you have the cash. For example, there is what looks like a beautiful 2004 Selene 43 in Victoria. A bit overkill for coastal cruising, but nice boat. There is also a nice looking KK 42 in Sidney as well as some older ones around La Conner.

My favorites would be the American Tug 41s that are in Washington, but again out of my price range. Smaller yet, but still really nice boats would be the Nordic Tug 37s which are for sale.

Think hard about how large a boat you want and what you think you want to do with it. Long extended cruises? 1-2 weeks around the BC waters? Weekends away? As you are looking at the boats, also look at moorage. It is a LOT harder and more expensive to find good moorage for a 50' boat than a 37' boat.

Good luck.

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