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Originally Posted by Irish Rambler View Post
There's a lot of very complicated systems around which in my opinion are a waste of money, or testimony to a good salesman.
Stainless steel tanks with a sloping bottom with a drain valve, drain a cup full of fuel to check for water, job done !
That's just what I installed. My 30 year old stainless tanks rotted out from the bottom up, due to moisture accumulating underneath them.

I mounted the replacement tanks on wedge shaped supports to allow air circulation under the tanks, and give a slope down to a drain valve.

I also draw fuel off the bottom of the tank at another low point. I know some people don't like doing this due to the risk of a fuel line rupturing and draining the tank, but I prefer not to have any "dead" space in the tank which just accumulates gunk over time.
It all loosens up when the seas get rough, just when you least need the problems.
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