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Originally Posted by Carolena View Post
FTW, we really like the layout in ours and prefer it over the newer ones with the smaller saloon, as the saloon gets used a lot more than the berth. We are also happy with our engine and would not want to deal with an after-cooler and greater fuel burn just to add a couple knots at top end.
Thanks for the progression. It does sound like it tracks the changes in the 37/39 pretty well and it helps to get a sense of what was going on.

I would agree with the engine. I am speaking from inexperience, but the "feature" that the NT offers (and many other boats for that matter) of being able to hit a respectable speed when needed is something that I view as kind of a negative. While it could be nice to have that speed available, I don't see myself using it much. I am used to going slow and the capability to go fast on those rare occasions when I might want it comes at the price of less efficient slow running.

But every production boat is a compromise and I would imagine that the market for smal FD yachts is vanishingly small.

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