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Originally Posted by Tunajoe View Post
I had the radar mast removed and the side air intake taped up along with the exhaust. As the picture shows, the boat was hauled backwards.
I was able to re install the mast myself easily.
It cost me $10,500 to haul from ft lauderdale to Ventura Ca.
It took about 5 days including a one day layover in Texas as NM would not allow oversize hauling on a Sunday.
Are you in Ventura harbor?
Yes, we're over in MW Phase 2 by the visitor's center. Thanks for the info. I do love the NT32 but it's a bit out of our price range and doesn't have the second cabin for the kid. Beautiful boats, though.

There's a flybridge version for sale in SB for $220k. Right in front of Brophie's. I walk by it every time I take the grom to sailing practice.
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