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I'm not as well versed in the 37/39, but here is what i can tell you about the 32 (which largely tracks changes to the hull on the 37-39). The original 32 had a bolt on swim platform. Around 2001-2002, they extended the hull and integrated the platform. Our boat, a 2002, was one of the first that had this change, but it was still called a 32 (I believe it was an option to get the extended hull). A year or two later, they started calling it the 32+, and eventually the 34. Over this time, they also changed the interior and power options. We have the older interior which means a larger saloon and smaller v-berth. We also have the 220 Cummins. I think a year or so after our boat, they moved the engine aft, took about a foot out of the saloon, installed a walk-around queen, and upped the engine size. I believe that starting next year they are going to return to the bolt on platform and extend the cockpit to the end of the hull. FTW, we really like the layout in ours and prefer it over the newer ones with the smaller saloon, as the saloon gets used a lot more than the berth. We are also happy with our engine and would not want to deal with an after-cooler and greater fuel burn just to add a couple knots at top end.
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