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Originally Posted by Puffin_NT32 View Post

All of the models of the NT have been re-classified to show their actual LOA, adding about 2' to accommodate the integrated swim platform. My NT32 is now the NT34, same boat. The models 26, 32, 37, 42, and 52 hulls were designed by Lynn Sennor. Sennor died around 2004, and Nordic Tug hired Howard Apollonio as their new naval architect. Apollonio's first NT design was the 49, with a major change in the hull, eliminating the waterline reverse chine, the source of the NT's notorious "hull slap" at anchor. Shortly after purchasing my new NT32, I filled in the chine to eliminate that slap, and I know many other NT owners that did the same.

Apollonio's 49 and the new 40 are new hulls with the "slap-less" modified chine, where the chine is raised and appears to function more as a spray rail. The new 40 has a longer salon than the 39. I've also heard rumors that all the older models may see similar chine modifications in new builds.
Thanks for the information. If my wife wasn't so set on having a second cabin to take our kids families with us, I would be all over a 32 or 34.

Btw, hull slap from the stern would simply remind me of my sailboat.

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