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Nordic Tug 37/39/40?

I am hoping that this group may be able to help explain this to me....

For my wife and I, the Nordic Tug 37 seems to offer almost everything on our list of features. Not perfect, but a pretty good match. The only wrinkle is the cost. I have been watching them for a bit and seeing what they are doing on the used market.

Well, then NT came out with the NT 39. For all intents and purposes, it was simply a NT 37 measured with a different ruler. Same hull (37' 4" LWL, 12' 11" beam) 8" more LOA and 4" more draft (not sure where that 4" comes from). My impression was that since they had made a number of changes/improvements to the topside, trim, and equipment list, they just gave it a new name to differentiate it from the older version of the same boat.

I was happy with that, as a potential used boat buyer, it would help differentiate the versions of the same boat and hopefully make the NT37 less attractive on the used market compared to the NT39.

Well now it appears that NT is no longer making the NT39 and are promoting the new NT40 due to be available this winter. To me, the basic boat appears to be be the same as the 37/39 although the LWL is 38' 11" instead of 37' 4". Given the NT integrated swim step hull design LWL can get a little confusing to me. It does have the same displacement weight and draft as the NT39. The LOA of the NT40 is listed at 43' instead of the 40' of the NT39.

So does anyone know what is going on? I know there are those here that are pretty in tune wit the industry. What is different about the NT40? Is it just a stretched NT37/39? Is it the same hull? Other than some electronic tweeks, and a change to a Volvo vs Cummins power plant, I am not understanding the difference? Seems like they introduced the NT39 just 5 years ago.

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