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I have used Trilux 2, dedicated for aluminum and it sucks. It's good for one year then the creatures clamp on. When I dove on her this summer, in July, 15 months after anti foul, the mussels were hanging, the barnacles were thriving and the oysters were just beginning. They don't grow here in the winter! Except that it's illegal to scrape on the shore up here I would just use a long-handled scraper on the beach. Interlux are thieves, a U.S. gallon of their sh*t paint is over $300 this year and I would rate it about even with Walmart latex. Plus they don't even pass on the savings of not having to bother putting biocides in their paint, our government has decided that having spent the last 50 years decimating fish stocks we should now protect the barnacle. Considering that all American boats still use biocide, many of them love to cruise our waters, that's really going to be a successful program.

Epoxy barrier coats are very expensive to apply on aluminum but will allow you to use copper paint. The only problem with that is if the epoxy is damaged, copper and aluminum Dont like to be together in salt water, the aluminum will dissolve.

I still have about 25 aluminum anodes on my boat...
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