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Originally Posted by boatpoker View Post
If you ever do decide to anti-foul, be very careful and do your research. Most anti-fouling paints will attack aluminum through galvanic reaction. Aluminum must be epoxy coated before applying anti-fouling paint.

Also, An epoxy barrier coat is an important part of preventing below waterline electrolysis even if no anti-foul is used (It is not clear in post #1 what kind of paint, if any, is on the OP's boat).

Panope has epoxy primer only. No aintifoul. Boat is in salt water for 6 months and on the hard for the other six. I manually clean the bottom 3 times per year (once every 45 days of immersion). When boatspeed slows by .5 knots, I know it is time for a scrub.

Barnacles are 1/4" tall at 45 days.

I use a tidal beach to save hoist costs. It is a vigorous 2 hour work-out followed by a pleasant half day on a beach waiting for the tide.


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